Sugar Daddy Cocktail Parties

“Sugar Daddy Parties” are on the way to Britain. This new kind of cocktail party is designed for young women to begin relationships with wealthy, older men for money. “Sugar Daddy Parties” are popular in New York cocktail bars. Young women are looking for cash. Their motives vary. Organizers of the “Sugar Daddy Parties” say some women aim to pay university fees, while others seek a glamorous lifestyle.

In the U.S., the average fee for a date is £310. Other arrangements may last for a month and fall into a pay range from £6,204 to £12,407 According to the Daily Telegraph, “sugar babies” by the thousands in Britain are eager to meet “sugar daddies.” According the Brandon Wade, founder and chief executive of the U.S. company, the parties are perfected and ready to launch in London early next year. There is a fee charged to both men and women to attend the “Sugar Daddy Parties.” At one New York party, 600 men and women attended. Men paid a £62 entrance fee while the young ladies paid £25. Some men were quite old. However, the average age of the wealthy older men is 38. Criticism of the parties is brushed aside by Wade. Critics say the parties verge on prostitution, but Wade, 41, points out the young women and older men are consenting adults. “People may feel obligated, but no one is required to do anything that they don’t want to,” he said. According to Las Vegas Attorney Allen Lichtenstein, the legal boundaries surrounding prostitution are not well defined. The “Sugar Daddy” arrangements may be ongoing and not solely revolve around sex.

The sugar daddy website,, boasts that two men, both in the top 10 list of America’s wealthiest billionaires, are members of Wade’s website. One woman said she had sex with a man twice her age. The man paid her £217. She said: “I just wanted to get out of that situation as safely as possible, pay off my debt and move on.” Another sugar baby hopeful, a 19-year-old student, searched for a relationship with a sugar daddy who would pay £1,800 per month. Her goal is to do volunteer work in Uganda and Tanzania for three months. Web sites offering similar services are springing up. A young woman, a “sugar baby,” can meet an older, wealthy man at and On these sites, the cocktail party business is booming