Fun and Spooky Halloween Cocktails

Fun and Spooky Halloween Cocktails

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Although Halloween is often thought of as an American holiday, anyone can appreciate a good, creative drink. With an emphasis on what's scary, new Halloween cocktails have emerged that are sure to put the "boo" in one's booze. Two drinks in particular have become notorious for their delicious taste and alcohol content, and are sure to be popular year-round.

Nearly everyone has tried a Shirley Temple at some point in their lives, whether or not they were aware of it. This simple, delicious concoction takes sprite and cherry juice mixed together, often with vodka, whiskey, or another alcohol for a truly sweet buzz. The Death of Shirley is the macabre title for the Halloween take on the drink, and is equally as delicious as its "living" model. Equal parts orange juice and ginger ale form the basis of this particular cocktail in lieu of Sprite or another clear mixer. A dash of grenadine is then added to the mix, although cherry juice can be used instead if it is on hand. From there, the bartender adds a shot of whiskey, then stirs thoroughly and garnishes with a blood orange wheel for a truly diabolical drink. This concoction can easily be made into a punch for parties as well.

Although its title is quite scary, there is nothing horrifying about the Brain Hemorrhage. Again, grenadine is used in this concoction to give it its sweet taste, along with its title-worthy color. Unlike the Death of Shirley, a Brain Hemorrhage is a shot instead of a cocktail. Scrumptious apricot brandy forms three-quarters of the shot, while the rest is made up of Irish cream. The brandy should be poured first, then the bartender must add the Irish cream by pouring it along the side of the shot glass until it is near full. Put a few drops of grenadine on top, and savor what is perhaps the most delicious shot of the month. Whatever cocktails or shots one prefers, it is important to always drink in moderation.

With mixed drinks like the Death of Shirley and the Brain Hemorrhage, hangovers can often be terrible in the morning due to the amount of ingredients used. It is therefore important to stay hydrated with pure water throughout the night, and to remember to never drive or operate machinery while under the influence of alcohol