Cocktail Party Ideas

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Cocktail Party Ideas There's nothing better than having a bunch of friends over and getting your party on, but it can be a lot more fun if you use your imagination and come up with some cocktail party ideas to add a little something special to the event. Anyone can throw a bar together and call it a party, but it doesn't take much to elevate it to the next level. Just a few little additions and your parties will be so popular you'll have to turn away people at the door and they'll fight for invitations.

Here are a few cocktail party ideas to get you started:

Choose a theme: From hosting a beach party to planning a rock-and-roll themed party, you can really have a lot of fun with this. To keep stress levels at a minimum, simple is better, but it's easy to create an atmosphere with just a few easy touches. Think of Tiki torches, grass skirts or beach balls for your beach party. Rock-and-roll themed cocktail party ideas could include Rock And Roll cocktails, blue suede shoes and renting a jukebox.  How about seasonal themes like a Halloween Cocktail Party? Let your imagination run wild.

Pick a holiday: Any holiday is fair game for a cocktail party, not that you need an excuse, but some of the more obscure holidays are fabulous for a reason to celebrate. For instance, in Australia once a month is a little-known holiday called Bonza Bottler Day. It occurs when the number of the month correspond with the number of the day. For example, April 4, May 5, etc. Can you think of a more perfect holiday to celebrate?

Keep it safe: Although cocktails are the thing, there's a few safety precautions you should take so no one gets hurt. Put away any fragile items that could be destroyed or used as weapons. Provide enough food so people can pace themselves, and suggest designated drivers or collect car keys at the beginning of the party. It might be a good idea to offer a “crash room” for those who have imbibed too much and end up in no condition to get home.


Hire a Cocktail/Slush machine: This has got to be the most practical idea. Keep it secret and hire it the night before so you can get used to using it (perhaps skip the alcohol for testing purposes!) and then when your party starts, you can amaze your friends with fantatsic cocktails. Best of all it gives you time to enjoy the party A cocktail party is a great way to catch up with old friends and to get to know new ones (some people take this to the limit like these guys). The trick to a successful cocktail party is to not let the little details become the focus, but rather the fun time you will have with your friends.  Check out our vacation cocktails here!


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