Cocktail Machine Hire

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When you're planning drinks for you next party, why not try spicing things up with a cocktail machine hire? Instead of mixing drinks for your guests all night - or worse, leaving your bar open for guests to mix drinks themselves, treat your friends to cool, delicious, frozen drinks that stay mixed and ready all night long! Don't spend all your time at your party behind the bar, take the work out of a cocktail party with a cocktail machine hire!

Your friends or guests will undoubtedly be impressed and excited to taste their favorite cocktails in a new frozen variety. Your cocktail machine can hold any frozen concoction you can dream up, from tequila sunrise, to sex on the beach, to margaritas garnished with fresh fruit - there is no limit to the cocktail combinations you can create. If you are feeling creative, you can invent and name your own signature cocktails to surprise your friends. Add new life to your next cocktail party with Australia's newest party trend, cocktail machine hire.

These frozen cocktail machines can also be used to make kid-friendly non-alcoholic drinks for your underage guests. Create a fruity slushy with a kid-friendly name like "green gator" or "raspberry red rhino" and treat kids to a memorable, fun evening too. You can also make non-alcoholic versions of cocktails and allow your guests to add their own alcohol or not - so no one is excluded from the fun!

Don't worry if you are not sure what to create in your cocktail machine, most companies offer pre-made mixes or suggestions and your operator can handle the mixing and set-up. Imagine you and your guests sipping a delicious frozen cocktail to cool down on a warm Australian evening. Imagine being able to relax with your guests and not worry about refilling drinks. Imagine hosting a cocktail party without the tedious set-up and clean-up. Add a little spark and life to your next cocktail party with a cocktail machine, and all these things become reality. Treat your guests to delicious frozen cocktails and throw the party of the season!