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Popular Cocktail Recipes

When it comes to picking the perfect cocktail to enjoy or to serve at a party, the options are plentiful for people in Australia.  Take a look at a list of some of the most popular cocktail recipes for different occasions and consider cocktail party ideas.  Having the perfect cocktail at an event can make for a more exciting event.  Whether it be for ordering on a night out at your local bar, hosting a small dinner party at home, or for a larger party – having the right cocktails recipes (and cocktail shakers that are popular is important. View Popular Cocktail Recipes

Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Vodka is one of those drinks that adored by many and is also extremely versatile.  It can be mixed with a variety of liquids and all but loses its taste, for this reason there are a ton of cocktail recipes for vodka many of which work well with a cocktail machine hire.  This can make vodka very easy to sneak up on you, so be sure to drink accordingly when enjoying your favorite vodka cocktail recipes. Recipes amounts are rough estimations.  You will probably want to adjust all vodka recipes according to your tastes. View Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Latest Recipes

  • Woodford Reserve Divot Stomp

    A light and fresh summer cocktail specially crafted to compliment the superior bourbon’s spicy vanilla and fruity taste profile, the Divot Stomp is a stylishly light and fruity take on Woodford Reserve to be appreciated by all.

    ...Read More
  • Orange Tequila Margarita Everyone likes margarita's, but this one is a clear favourite amongst my friends. We discovered this delicious margarita whilst on holiday, and haven't looked back! Gorgeous on a hot day whilst relaxing with your nearest and dearest...Read More
  • Cherry Vodka Bomb This little beauty will have you begging for more quicker than you can say cherry cherry bang bang! If you like cherries, you'll love this. Brilliant for relaxing in your back garden with friends, this vodka recipe will is always a hit...Read More
  • Vodka Blue Moon Feeling blue? This vodka cocktail recipe is sure to lighten anyone's day! This refreshing and simple cocktail recipes takes seconds to make and tastes divine. Looks great too for your cocktail parties!...Read More
  • Vodka Cocktail Trip You better be careful what you wish for with this big hitting Vodka cocktail recipe. With a medley of spirits in this strong cocktail, you'll be sure to get the party swinging....Read More